Waze helps many commuters avoid traffic and report hazards to other users. Thanks to its community, the service is able to crowdsource a wide array of information, ranging from road conditions to gas prices. Waze is now leveraging its user base to provide more details to drivers, as it's starting to show toll prices along your route.

Although most navigation apps are already able to tell you when your itinerary includes toll roads, Waze can now estimate the amount you'll have to pay by relying on crowdsourced data. In order to determine the most accurate price, the app takes the day and time of travel into account, as well as the vehicle type and passes you may have.

Waze displays toll prices before you start navigating, and lets you compare different routes with each other so you can see which one will cost you the most. However, even though North American drivers have mapped toll prices for the past five months, the final amount you pay may slightly vary, as these are provided but the community.

The feature is currently only available to about 20% of American and Canadian users, before becoming widely available in these two countries by July 22. The company says it's also started mapping and testing the feature on European roads, before doing so in Asia in the coming weeks, hinting it should be able to provide toll prices around the world soon.