Prime Day might not compete with Black Friday in terms of the sheer volume of sales, but there are some serious discounts to be had, especially when it comes to things like Chromebooks or tablets. There's even a few decent deals on gaming laptops if you're in the market. For your convenience, we've put together all the best deals we've spotted when it comes to the subject.

Featured deal

One thing that Chromebooks and laptops need is power, and they can't make do with a paltry 2A USB Type-A port. You need something more substantial like a PD-compatible USB Type-C output or 110V AC. Jackery has plenty of discounts to help keep your next laptop topped up this summer. From huge portable generators to smaller portable chargers, you can pick one up at a discount this Prime Day:

The full list of Prime Day tablet, Chromebook, Kindle, and Kindle Fire deals that we've spotted (so far!) is just below. And keep in mind you might have to click through to "view offer" where the checkout button usually is on some listings.

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