There are lots of discounts to be had on Amazon today in fact, we have a whole article full of them. One of the companies going all-in on Prime Day is SanDisk, meaning you can get flash drives, microSD cards, SSDs, and a lot more for not a lot of money.

The most interesting deal out of the bunch is SanDisk's 1TB A2 microSD card, which was the world's first 1TB card when it was released a few months ago. It's now $340, a drop of $85 from the previous price. Most people won't need this much storage in anything portable, but if you really want to record lots of 4K video on your phone (or download hundreds of games to your Nintendo Switch), the option is there.

As for more practical options, the 128GB version of the same card is down to $19.99, a $5 discount from the usual price. I've actually bought two of these for my sisters' Fire tablets, and they work as advertised. Although, keep in mind that even A2 cards like this one aren't great for running apps from. Here's all the SD deals:

  • Ultra/A1-rating
    • 256GB - $30, usually $40 ($10 off)
    • 400GB - $45, usually ~56 (~$11 off)
    • 512GB - $100, usually $150 ($50 off)
  • Extreme/A2-rating
    • 128GB - $20, usually $25 ($5 off)
    • 256GB - $43, usually $55 ($12 off)
    • 512GB - $135, usually $170-200 ($35-65)
    • 1TB - $341, usually $425 ($84 off)

SanDisk also has sales on external USB drives, flash drives, SSDs, and slower microSD cards. Hit up the link below to see everything on offer.