Your garage door opener has a range of, what? Maybe 100 feet if you're lucky. How about infinite range? That's what you get with the Chamberlain MyQ smart garage door opener. This device used to cost around $100, but it's dropped to half that more recently. For Prime Day, the MyQ is just $29.99.

The MyQ works with most garage door openers manufactured since 1993. It's essentially a garage door remote that connects to your WiFi network. With the MyQ app, you can open, close, and check the door status from anyplace you have an internet connection.

Setup for the MyQ can be a little fiddly, depending on the door opener you've got. That said, it's by far the least annoying smart garage opener on the market. It also works with Amazon's Key in-home delivery service. This price is only valid through the end of Prime Day festivities tomorrow.