If you're like me (a Whole Foods + Amazon Prime hostage), you received a coupon from Whole Foods last week (but you can still get it today and tomorrow!) entitling you to an extra $10 off any purchase made on Amazon Prime Day. If you're also like me, you're distinctly unaware of what to spend it on. Should you buy that smart TV box or tablet you've been eyeing? How about just getting a home essential you know you're going to need anyway? Well, let me try (and try is the key word here) to give you some guidance on this, the holiest of consumer holidays, so that you might make a decision.

Given anyone shopping at Whole Foods who is also a Prime customer probably has the Amazon Visa Signature credit card, these deals will take Amazon's 6% back (via Amazon points) into account, as they're essentially as good as statement credit for all intents and purposes. We're going to be focusing on products that are at or near the lowest prices they've ever been, too, in order to maximize your discount value.

Buy a Fire Tablet for $19

So, Fire Tablets. They're not fantastic, but they're perfectly suitable for on-the-couch reading, video streaming, and light duty in the kitchen as a recipe canvas. They're also great for kids, because when they break you won't be terribly upset about the cost of replacing one.

Amazon does regularly discount its tablets, but the $10 Prime Day Whole Foods coupon represents an opportunity to snag one at an unprecedentedly low, low price (do you feel the QVC vibes yet?). Listen, Consumer: you're not gonna get a better deal on these here dang Tablets unless they've fallen out of a truck carrying refurbished stock on a dark, lonesome night. The $10 Whole Foods coupon means you can get the basic Fire 7 Tablet for an effective $19 if you use your Amazon Visa Signature credit card (6% back in Amazon points). That's less than the cost of a mid-level entree at most restaurants.

If you want to get more for your dollar, though, I'd highly recommend doubling up and paying an effective $38 for the Fire HD 8 Tablet. Reviews have consistently called it much faster than the new Fire 7, with a bigger, better, sharper screen, and substantially better battery life.

Finally, you could pony up $85 for the Fire HD 10 after the Amazon points credit, which boasts a faster processor, brighter screen, and more RAM than either of the smaller devices. A 10" tablet might be a bit large as a runabout device, but it is the lowest price it's even been when you factor in the Whole Foods coupon - the HD 10 was last $99 on Black Friday, but there was no widely-available coupon to slash the price so low.

Upgrade to 4K streaming on your TV for under $15

Amazon has it's 4K Fire TV stick down to $25 for Prime Day, but after the coupon and point rebate, you're looking at $13.75 in total costs. That's basically no money worth mentioning to get access to 4K Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube - the only real content portals worth having 4K for in the first place.

If you're feeling a bit fancier, might I suggest the Roku Ultra. It's on sale for $70 as part of Prime Day (the lowest it has ever been), and after your coupon and statement credit, it'll work out to $57. The Roku Ultra has a much more capable processor than the Fire TV Stick, and it includes a remote with a headphone jack for quiet listening. It also works with Google Assistant.

Get a backup phone with stock Android for $137

Moto's G7 Play isn't the most exciting Android phone on the block, but when you take into account it's only $156 as part of Prime Day, subtract $10, then about $9 in Amazon point credit, it comes down to a scarcely-believable $137. Sure, there are cheaper phones out there, but there aren't many (or any which are new) cheaper that work on all four major US carriers, and therefore all major prepaid providers as well.

The G7 Play offers a respectable 3000mAh battery, 2GB of RAM, ships with Android 9 Pie, and has a Snapdragon 632 octa-core processor. It won't be the fastest, most capable phone you've ever owned, but for $137 it doesn't need to be. If you want a phone that you don't need to worry about losing on vacation this summer, this is a tough deal to beat.

400GB of microSD storage for $33

SanDisk's 400GB micro SD card is already at an all-time low of $45 for Prime Day, but if you stack your Whole Foods coupon and the 6% points rebate, it comes out to an effective $33 for 400GB of pinky-nail sized storage. That's incredible. If you're looking to upgrade the capacity of your home streaming box, smartphone, or personal camera, this is the time to do it.


If none of the above are really striking a chord with you, I get it! But should you use your Amazon Prime Day Whole Foods coupon at all, then? I would emphatically answer yes. $10 is nothing to sneeze at, especially when you're a paying Prime member already - you should be taking advantage of those points. Whether it be dish soap, toilet paper, or just a big 12-pack of sparkling water (which is what I bought), you can almost certainly find a good reason to make good use of that $10 freebie.