Could the original, stalwart Google Home be due for a refresh soon? We sure have been seeing a lot of deals for the speaker lately, which still sounds good and is capable of all the Assistant commands you could think of. Target is now offering a two-pack of Google Homes for $99, available through Tuesday night.

Despite hitting the market in November 2016, the OG Home is no slouch and offers the latest Assistant features, just like its younger siblings, Google Home Mini and Max — although we compiled a list of improvements that we'd like to see in a possible successor, like better spatial awareness, new color options, and a built-in battery. While we might like even more, there's not much to complain about in this device as it stands.

The Google Home usually goes for about $70 on its own these days, so this deal will get you two devices for effectively $50 each, saving you $20 on the individual speakers. This could be a good way to start your burgeoning smart home, if you're interested in upgrading to better-sounding speakers than the Home Mini can offer.