One of the biggest features introduced in Android Q was the new "fully gestural navigation" system, which replaces the old buttons with an entirely gesture-based method of navigating around apps, returning to the home screen, and multitasking. This builds on the previous two-button "gesture" system introduced in Android 9 Pie, which itself replaced the nearly timeless three-button navigation. Many phones these days have several options when it comes to navigation — some OEMs have even made their own gesture systems. Assuming you have more than one option, which do you prefer?

The three-button paradigm was a well-established part of the Android experience for years, but Pie's two-button system and the new gesture navigation in Android Q have upset that tradition (and, potentially, a few users). But even separately from Google's software vision, other companies like Huawei and OnePlus have implemented their own versions that use edge-in gestures from different locations around the display without any traditional "bar" present. That's not to mention Apple's well-known solution in iOS on both the iPhone and iPad, or the fact that almost all gesture navigation systems were seemingly inspired by WebOS' early influence.

Odds are by now that you've used more than one of these different ways of getting around a phone. Have you developed a preference? Which do you think is best?

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