There have been countless sales on Samsung's Galaxy S10 series over the past few months, but those discounts usually came with minor catches. The dual-SIM and international models have been easy to find on sale, but those versions don't support Samsung Pay in the U.S., and they're missing a few 4G/LTE bands commonly used by U.S. carriers. More recently, there were some US models on sale, but now there are even bigger discounts.

The base models of the S10e, S10, and S10+ are all $200 off from multiple retailers. The 128GB S10e is just $549.99, the S10 starts at $699.99, and the S10+ starts at $799.99. All of those have 120GB of storage, but if you need more storage, some of the higher-tier models have a bigger discount. For example, the 1TB S10+ is $300 off ($1,299).

The icing on the cake is that these are the actual U.S. models, with a factory warranty direct from Samsung. That means they'll work great on any 'Murican carrier, including Verizon and Sprint. Some retailers have additional discounts and promotions on top of that Best Buy will take an additional $200 off if you activate the phone on a supported carrier, while B&H is throwing in a free Google Fi SIM card.

Be sure to check out our reviews of the S10/S10+ and S10e before buying. Also, some colors are not available in all capacities; for example, the 256GB Prism Black S10 is currently sold out on Amazon.

Galaxy S10 ($699.99+)

Galaxy S10+ ($799.99+)

Galaxy S10e ($549.99+)