We're mere hours away from Amazon's Prime Day sales, which are effectively Black Friday in July. It's had such an influence on consumer spending habits, even other retailers are trying to get in on the action. Many folks have set aside some cash for the occasion, and we've got a short list of deals to keep an eye out for over the next two days.

If it isn't clear, these deals aren't live just yet, but we're told they're coming over the next two days. The mechanisms of sales may vary, some of these may be long-lasting sales that span the entire event, others may be lighting deals that sell out in minutes, so if anything on this list catches your eye, be sure to follow our coverage.

(As always, our prices and numbers below regarding discounts and comparisons are free of inflated MSRP or other ridiculous numbers. When a recent price isn't clear or has fluctuated, savings are indicated as a range. Several of these deals may also be Prime Member exclusives, YMMV.)

Nokia Phones

A phone can be one of the year's biggest electronics purchases, so it's worth snagging deals when you can. Several Nokia phones will be included in the sales, from the Nokia 3.1 up to the multi-camera Nokia 9 PureView:

Jabra Headphones

Jabra's products are among our favorites here at Android Police, and the company is planning sales on its Elite 85h and Elite 65t headphones (plus a few other models) in various styles and colors:

Google Wifi

There are plenty of different mesh Wi-Fi systems out there, but Google's is among the simplest out there to set up and use, and we're told both 1- and 3-packs will be on sale come Prime Day over on Amazon:

Power Accessories

Portable chargers/batteries with decent specs are two things for many folks: necessary and expensive. Prime Day can help with the second issue, and Anker has revealed a whole pile of its products that will be on sale starting tomorrow. (These will all be short-lived "Deals of the Day" going up at 7AM, so act fast.)

Nintendo Switch

We don't have a lot of information when it comes to this deal, but Amazon has told us that it's planning a deal for the Nintendo Switch portable console, bundled with a $35 Digital eShop gift card. The quantity of that discount isn't known, nor is the precise page it will go up at or the time that the promotion will begin. It's possible that it could be a limited quantity via a Lightning Deal, but keep an eye out for it if you're in the market.

This is just a small selection of what you can look forward to tomorrow, there are plenty more deals for things like phones, tablets, Chromebooks, TVs, and smart home goods to anticipate. Follow our coverage for more information and rolling updates regarding new and expired deals.