Launched in December of 2018, Google Sounds is the company's replacement for the default ringtone picker on Android. It's like Google Wallpapers, but for sounds. The app has now received an update to version 2.1, which brings two important changes: a dark mode and the option to manually add ringtones.

The dark mode is absolutely pitch black, unlike Fit's new dark grey, and is applied throughout the app's few menus. Both the main category screen and the ringtone picker in each section gets a black background with white text. There's no manual switch to change the theme though. I noticed it on Android Q when using the system-wide dark mode, but you may be able to see it on Pie too when the battery saving mode is enabled.

Also new is a FAB (floating action button) in the bottom right of the My Sounds section. Previously, the only way to get ringtones to show up here used to be able to copy the mp3 files in your phone's local storage to the Ringtones folder. Not everyone knew that trick, so being able to manually add a ringtone from the app is a welcome addition. Tap the button, navigate to where the ringtone is on your phone, select it, and it should automatically be added to your list of sounds.

Unfortunately, this latter part isn't working reliably for all of us. For some, the ringtone gets added as expected, while for others, nothing happens and the list remains empty. Despite a couple of reboots and clearing app data, the feature doesn't work for me.

We've tested Google Sounds 2.1 on Android Q Beta 4 and 5, but not on Android Pie; your mileage may vary if you're running that. Sounds isn't available on the Play Store, so you'll need to get the update from APKMirror if you want to check it out.

  • Thanks:
  • Oliver Kehm,
  • Samarth Verma,
  • Armando