Hulu is behind the curve on 4K video streaming, but it's finally making an effort today. After launching and removing 4K video from the service last year, Hulu is now offering UHD content again. However, the selection is limited, as is the device support.

Hulu's 4K option is only available for its original content like The Handmaid's Tale... and numerous series and movies that people don't watch. This stands in stark contrast to Netflix and Amazon Prime, both of which offer 4K HDR video for their original content as well as some outside productions.

To stream 4K video on Hulu, you need either an Apple TV 4K or Chromecast Ultra. Presumably, the supported device list will grow over time, but Hulu isn't offering any assurances at this time. Hulu says 4K video requires 16Mbps of bandwidth, much more than the 6Mbps required for HD streams.