In addition to voicemail transcription, Google Voice's strong suit is the ability to send and receive messages, check your voicemail, and even place calls from your phone or the web. The latter is particularly convenient, especially if your phone is charging or out of reach. Google has just made its app even more functional by designing a new interface that proves quick access to calls and settings.

As you can see in the screenshots above, the new UI (on the right) is very similar to the previous one, in a sense that most elements haven't changed. However, a new call panel is now permanently shown on the right side of the screen, no matter if you're checking messages or listening to your voicemail. This change lets you place calls faster, as you don't need to click the Make a call button anymore.

Similarly, a handset icon now appears when hovering your mouse over a contact in a list, which lets you quickly place a call to that number. Lastly, it's now much easier to adjust your audio input and output settings, as there's a dedicated icon in the top-right corner to do so. Plus, you can change these during a call, so you don't have to hang up and dial back in case you were using the wrong microphone.

The new web interface is gradually rolling out to all users starting today but may take until August 9 to appear.

Google Voice
Google Voice
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