You can't have too many chargers. Whether it's at home, in the office, car, travel bag, or stowed away for emergencies, having a bunch of travel chargers waiting for you everywhere is more practical than packing and moving them from one place to another. Even better is having a multi-port charger that can handle any device, and that's what today's ZeroLemon deal is all about.

The 75W 4-port charger has two USB-C (60W total) and two USB-A (15W total) ports. One of the C ports can go up to 60W when used by itself, meaning you can charge most computers at reasonable (if not max) speed, and the second one can sip up to 18W if needed. The features are very similar to the Satechi charger I have been using for months, and from my experience, they're excellent for both travel and home use.

ZeroLemon's charger usually costs $60 on Amazon, but you can take off 35% if you use promo code 5TSK9P6D at checkout. This will bring it down to $39, which is the best deal we've seen on any decent multi-port USB-C charger, let alone one with two C ports. If you're interested, the link to grab it is below.