Superhero flicks are all the rage these days — at least, the Marvel ones — and as part of Amazon's early Prime Day festivities, you can $2 rentals for most of the action-filled catalog. That includes Infinity War, and Spider-Man Homecoming, just in case you missed it. $2 also makes this a bit cheaper than the $3-4 cost for the same rentals over on Google Play Movies. Plus, with the recent changes to Amazon Prime Video, you can watch these on your Chromecast, too.

19 of the franchise's 23 flicks appear to be included (Iron Man 2 is even free with Prime). A few of the most recent movies aren't included in the sale. The full list of discounted rental titles in their chronological release order is just below:

Keep an eye out for more Prime Day coverage as next Monday's event draws closer. We'll be covering all the deals without the tedium of inflated MSRP comparisons, and we have a few words of advice for deal seekers looking to get the most out of their money from the upcoming discounts.

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