Fossil is one of the most active brands when it comes to developing Wear OS smartwatches. Its products are stylish and discreet but still feature advanced hardware, including heart rate sensors and GPS chips on the latest models. The Sport series features the newer Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip, which makes it one of the snappiest watches around. If you'd rather boast a more traditional-looking timepiece, the Gen 4 Q Explorist and Q Venture are what you need, but may be slightly behind when it comes to performance as they're based on the older Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. Regardless of your preference, the two variants are currently on sale at $199, which is $75 off their regular price.

As its name might suggest, the Fossil Sport series features a nylon casing, making it light and comfortable to wear. The Q Venture HR and Q Explorist are designed to mimic a traditional watch's design and look more premium. Both variants work with Google Pay, have a built-in GPS and a heart-rate sensor, and are swimproof. The key difference between the two is their design and SoC, which can make it hard to decide if you want your smartwatch to look premium and have the fastest processor around. Keep in mind the Wear 3100 is also more efficient, which means the Sport has better battery life.

If you need more time to make up your mind before your purchase, you have until May 5th to decide. It's worth mentioning the Rose Gold-tone, Gold-tone, and Smoke HR Venture aren't discounted and still selling for their regular $275 price.

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If you missed out on this deal and are still looking for a smartwatch, the offer is back on Fossil's site and is valid until June 6. This is perfect timing if you didn't know what you get your dad for Father's Day. All smartwatches are marked down to $199, except the rose-gold tone Venture HR models, but your dad wouldn't want one anyway. Use the link below to browse the products that are on sale and to make your purchase. Most of these watches are also discounted on Amazon, although it's not clear when the offer will end.

It seems Fossil wants to get rid of the watches it has in stock, as the timepieces are on sale again. The entire lineup is selling for $199, except the Venture HR Black and Pastel Pink, which are as low as $175 on the brand's site. Amazon also has the Sport for $199 but isn't selling the other models.

The offer is valid until July 14 on Fossil's, but you shouldn't be too worried if you miss the deal, as this is the third time the company is marking its watches' prices down.