T-Mobile has been pushing its own-brand budget smartphones under the REVVL banner for a couple of years now. In the process, the series has shuffled between ODMs going through the REVVL, REVVL Plus, the REVVL T1 tablet, and REVVL 2. For its third generation of phones, the carrier has seemingly decided to partner with a very mainstream manufacturer to deliver on the all-new REVVLRY and REVVLRY+.

After picking up on a couple of trademarks such as the "Max Vision" displays and the "TurboPower" fast charging, we dug in and found that the REVVLRY is modeled around the Moto G7 Play while the REVVLRY+ is basically a Moto G7 Plus, which is not being sold in North America. Both of Tmo's phones have a few design tweaks from their originals, though the REVVLRY's lozenge-like display notch and the REVVLRY+'s teardrop notch match up with their counterparts.

Speaking of matching, the Motorola and T-Mobile devices share plenty of the same specs. Here are the specs for the REVVLRY:


Display 5.7" 1520x720 Max Vision IPS LCD
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 632
Storage 32GB
Rear camera 13MP
Front camera 8MP
Power 3,000mAh battery w/ 10W charging
OS Android 9 Pie

Interestingly, the only Moto G7 Play SKU available in the United States has 2GB of RAM, though it copies pretty much every other spec line mentioned here.

And here are the specs for the REVVLRY+:


Display 6.24" 2270x1080 Max Vision IPS LCD
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 636
Storage 64GB
Rear camera 16MP + 5MP
Front camera 12MP
Power 3,000mAh battery w/ 27W TurboPower charging
IP rating IP54
OS Android 9 Pie

Both phones come with microSD-expandable storage, water-resistant microcoating, face unlock, and a fingerprint sensor. T-Mobile also warranties repairs for up to 2 years.

They only come in black and will be available from July 19. The REVVLRY will cost $200 FRP (the same price as the Moto G7 Play in the U.S.) and the REVVLRY+ will be $350 (which gets close to the current going price for a G7 Plus in Brazil). By the way, if the REVVLRY+ brings along the G7 Plus's NFC and Bluetooth 5.0 radios, that would be our pick of the two.

The company is holding launch events at its T-Mobile Signature Stores on that day. For more information on those and to check out 24-month EIP pricing, you can tap below for more information.