The new gesture navigation system introduced by Google in Android Q Beta 3 had an unanticipated consequence: it broke the ability to leave a "pinned" screen, leaving you stranded. Beta 4's "fix" for the issue was to entirely disable it while gesture navigation was enabled, but as of today's Android Q Beta 5 release, it's actually fixed, and you can pin un-pin things in the new navigational system via a "swipe up & hold" gesture.

Screen pin option present on Android Q Beta 5 with gestures enabled, and it works.

We've tested out the feature for ourselves on the latest Android Q Beta released today, and can confirm that it restores screen pinning as an option while gesture navigation is enabled. Instead of using the navigation key combination to exit, though, it has a new gesture for exiting a pinned app. Sliding up and holding might be a bit too easy to trigger, but at least it works, and it's consistent with the "home" gesture.

Tweaks like these round out some of the last features that the new gesture navigation system will need to work in all circumstances, and it's good to see Google making that progress, since it's running out of Q Betas to test them with.