One of the best things about modern technology is that it's taking over some of the tasks that we simply shouldn't have to make time for. I can't count the number of times I've posted up next to my front door with my laptop to make sure I was around when a package was delivered. Google is preparing to introduce a new feature for Nest Hello units that will let us know when packages are left at the door and when they're picked up.


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Package alerts

The new feature will alert your phone when somebody drops off or picks up a package at your door. As the newly added text explains, this happens when the Nest Hello camera detects a "rectangular package resting on the ground." Google prepared this illustration to demonstrate:

The newly added text relates a few other details, starting with hardware support. Only the Nest Hello doorbell is mentioned, not any of the other Nest cameras. Nothing indicates one way or the other if any camera models will be supported in the future. And just to be clear, nobody needs to ring the doorbell to trigger a package alert — motion detection wakes up the Nest Hello and then it uses object recognition to identify packages.

Naturally, your Nest Hello must be positioned so it's facing the location where people are most likely to leave a package. And like the other smart notifications offered by Nest products, an active Nest Aware subscription is required for package alerts.

<string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_title">Package alerts</string>
<string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_header">Now your Nest Hello will help you spot packages.</string>
<string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_body">With package alerts, you’ll receive a notification after someone has left a package in the camera’s view, and another one when someone picks it up.</string>
<string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_note_one">Your doorbell must be able to see the package on the ground before it can notify you.</string>
<string name="camera_warm_welcome_package_detection_note_two">This feature requires a Nest Aware subscription.</string>
<string name="settings_camera_package_detection_item_title">Packages</string>
<string name="settings_camera_package_detection_item_body">This camera can send you an alert when it sees a rectangular package resting on the ground. Turn this on if your camera is pointed at the area where your packages are usually left.</string>

You'll receive separate notifications for each package, once when it is dropped off and a second when somebody picks it up. The second might be helpful if a thief absconds with your delivery, but perhaps more importantly, it would let you know that there's no need to rush home if another member of the household or a trusted neighbor picks up the package.

Package alerts can be disabled if you like, but there's no setting that disables one type while leaving the other turned on.


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Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free