Back in January, LG rolled out the Android 9 Pie update to the G7 in its home country of South Korea, but users elsewhere haven't been so lucky. It's now finally hitting devices in the US — better late than never, I suppose.

Even though the G7 is an Android One phone in some regions, LG's track record of slow updates continues to blight it. According to a post on Reddit, both Verizon and Metro customers have received the update. It's also going out to some users in Europe.

Gesture navigation is one of the big changes users seem to be excited about, but there's a ton of other new stuff that comes with the Pie update, such as app actions, adaptive battery, and digital wellbeing features. If you own the phone, the update should be arriving shortly if it hasn't already.

If you don't own the phone but would like to, there are some decent offers floating around at the moment. Amazon is selling it for $399.99, while Walmart has it for even less at $379.99.

The Pie update for the G7 ThinQ is spreading to more carriers and countries. According to posts on Reddit, the OTA has showed up for users in the US on US Cellular, in the Netherlands, Borneo, and someone was able to grab it in Hong Kong through LG Bridge.

Users are reporting that the 1.5GB Pie OTA is landing on the T-Mobile version of the G7 ThinQ in the US. There's no official changelog yet, but you'll find it here when it's published.