The third-generation Nest Thermostat has been out for several years now, but as the old saying goes, don't fix what ain't broke. This smart thermostat is still among the best of the best, and it's currently being bundled with a Home Mini and two temperature sensors for just $190.15 — a not-insignificant $102 off current prices elsewhere.

Here's how it all breaks down. Currently, a Nest Thermostat 3rd Gen will run you $189 at most retailers. Nest's temperature sensors are $39 a pop, and the Home Mini can be found for $25 basically everywhere right now. Add all that up, and you end up at $292. Some quick math will show you that's basically $100+ over Home Depot's bundle price.

To take advantage of this deal, simply add the Nest with two temperature sensors, as well as the Home Mini, to your Home Depot cart. Once both have been added, your cart will show a total of $190.15. Shipping and in-store pickup are both free.