We're getting close to the finish line for Android Q, so Beta 5 (understandably) doesn't have many major changes. However, Google is sneaking in a few updates to notification management before the final Q release, including even more alterations to how snoozing works.

First, some of the verbage around notifications has changed. 'Prioritized' is now called 'Alerting,' and 'Gentle' is now called 'Silent'. It wouldn't be Google if a few things didn't get renamed in an update, but all joking aside, I think the new phrases get the point across much better.

Android has organized notifications by importance for years, with important alerts at the top and silent notifications at the bottom. In Android Q Beta 5, silent notifications are completely separated from prioritized alerts. They are grouped together in a single card, and they can all be dismissed at once.

The ability to snooze notifications has already changed several times over the course of Android Q's development. It was moved to a left swipe in Beta 1, then the swiping direction could be customized in Beta 2. Snoozing vanished entirely in Beta 3, but later returned in Beta 4. This time around, Google has made snoozing an optional feature.

Snoozing now appears to be disabled by default in Android Q, as the button didn't appear after updating my Pixel from Beta 4 to 5. To enable it, open the Settings app and navigate to 'Apps & notifications' > Notifications > 'Allow notification snoozing'.

From left to right: Notifications without snoozing, toggle for snoozing, notifications with snoozing

We'll keep you updated with any other changes to notifications we spot in Android Q. If you see any, send us a tip!

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