Wyze offers capable home security cameras starting at just $20, but the feature set isn't on par with cameras that cost ten times as much. Wyze is taking a step closer to the likes of Nest and Arlo today thanks to its partnership with Xnor.ai. With Xnor technology, your existing Wyze cams can detect people and cut down on notification spam.

Wyze announced its work on this feature several months ago, offering a beta for those interested in testing it. At the time, Wyze was working on vehicle detection in addition to people, but it's limited to people in the final version (at least for now). With person detection, you can filter your camera notifications so it doesn't bug you every time the dog walks across the room.

Xnor's technology works locally without any cloud element. So, there's no paying for extra services as you do with Nest, Arlo, and others. The new feature will arrive as a free firmware update today. You'll also need the updated Wyze app to access person detection features.

Press Release

Wyze Incorporates Xnor Edge AI to Bring Computer Vision to Wyze’s Smart Home Array For Free
Partnership Brings the Power of AI to Millions of Wyze Customers through a Simple Firmware Update
Seattle (July 9, 2019) - Wyze Labs Inc is proud to announce its partnership with Xnor.ai, which will bring together Xnor’s hyper-efficient and low-power AI computer vision capabilities to Wyze’s line of affordable, capable smart home products to benefit Wyze’s burgeoning community of users. The integration underscores Wyze’s singular mission of making advanced technologies accessible to consumers at extremely competitive price points: Wyze’s new AI capabilities are available to all existing users today via a free firmware update for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan.
Wyze Cams will now offer Person Detection powered by Xnor’s edge AI capabilities, a feature that automatically identifies when people appear in the camera’s field of view. Wyze Cam owners can choose to receive push notifications for real-time alerts when a person is detected in the frame and filter event videos with people.
Xnor’s state-of-the-art AI technology is designed to run on-device, without having to upgrade existing hardware, drain computing power or use any bandwidth. As a result, customers can enjoy faster discovery of interesting clips and smaller numbers of unnecessary notifications. Wyze’s AI capabilities will enable users to quickly and efficiently identify some of the most important clips captured by their cameras - those that contain people - and will reduce the number of incidental notifications pushed to Wyze Cam users.
“Wyze is a company by the community and for the community. Nearly every new feature we ship is rolled out because it was asked for by our members,” said Scott Wilson, Wyze Director of Marketing. “Improved notifications was one of those highly requested features so our team went to battle figuring out how we could deliver complex AI on a quality, but highly-accessible $20 camera. Turns out, the answer to this big problem was right down the street from us with our new partner, Xnor.ai.”
“It is exciting to see consumer electronics leaders like Wyze embrace the power of AI and improve the experience of their millions of customers,” said Carlo C del Mundo, Engineering Manager at Xnor. “We are thrilled to be at a point when the promise of machine learning can become a meaningful part of our everyday lives. This is what AI everywhere, for everyone is all about.”
For more information on Wyze, visit wyze.com. To learn more about Xnor’s technology and solutions, visit Xnor.ai.