Much like microSD cards, TVs have dropped drastically in price over the past years. A 65-inch 4K TV would have cost well over $10,000 back in 2012, but one can be had for less than a twentieth of that price today. Case in point: this 4K HDR Vizio 65-incher with built-in Chromecast support is just $449.99 at Walmart right now.

In case you couldn't tell, this TV is pretty loaded up with pixels and features. The 4K means that you probably won't be complaining about low resolutions anytime soon, the HDR offers a ton of contrast, and the built-in Chromecast function removes the need to have to buy one of those dongles separately. It's also compatible with Google Assistant, and it even offers 100+ channels for free via Vizio's WatchFree service.

Regularly priced at $700, this TV is currently just $449.99 at Walmart. Just a few years ago, paying this little for a 65" 4K HDR LED TV would have been unthinkable, but here we are. Freight shipping and in-store pickup are free. Hit the link below to pick one up.