The upcoming Note10 might be the new hotness, but deals on this year's Galaxy S10 models are getting better and better. One retailer on eBay is selling all three sizes/models at a substantial discount, with the S10e starting at $500, the S10 at $640, and the S10+ at $650 — those last two come with a wireless charger, too. There are a few caveats, though.

These are sold as "new," but they're from opened packages and seemingly carry no Samsung warranty. Although they're the US model, they were originally from AT&T and have been activated to be fully unlocked for use on other carriers as well as internationally — presumably explaining why they're not in sealed boxes. The following disclaimer is attached to the listings:

The Devices have been bought in bulk and are in flawless cosmetic & working condition. The Devices might have been activated and may not carry manufacturer's warranty unless stated otherwise in details of description.

If that lack of a warranty and the opened state any packaging doesn't put you off, the seller also allows free 30-day returns and has over 99.9% positive feedback. This deal might not carry the sort of guarantees that buying from Samsung directly would, but it also saves you a lot of cash. Some colors have already sold out, so act fast if you're interested:

David called the S10+ "So good that my Pixel 3 XL is going in a drawer" in our review of the phone, and much of that opinion extends to the other models as well. If the current $750-$1000 unlocked price for that sort of experience is too much for you, this deal knocks roughly 1/3 of the cost off.