Two months back, HTC announced its intention to update the U11, U11+, and U12+ phones to Android 9 Pie. Although it has missed its original "late June" estimate for the U12+ (not to mention the issues it's having with the U11) it would appear that the Pie update for the U12+ is finally rolling out — but only in Taiwan, for now.

In addition to individual, anecdotal reports of the update landing on places like Twitter, HTC has formally announced the update over on its forums. The (translated) changelog is pretty short, too:

Software Update: 2.45.709.1 (1.06 GB) This system update will contain several important improvements:
- Android 9.0 Pie
- Enhanced overall system functionality
- Remove this program from Blinkfeed in response to Google turning off Google+

The update is 1.06GB in size, and at least one bug has been reported: the Internet APN can't be edited, though MMS can. It isn't clear if the update is fully rolling out in Taiwan, or if it's being tested first on a limited number of devices, but it is at least present in some form, not that it matters too much to US owners right now.

On that note, there isn't any word yet on when the update might roll out beyond HTC's home market. Speaking more generally about the update, the company previously stated that the"exact timing defers to operators’ availabilities in different countries." Hopefully when it does roll out more widely, it doesn't leave a trail of bricked phones in its wake, like the U11 update did.

The HTC U11+ is also picking up Android 9 Pie, again, only in Taiwan for now.

Reports over at the HTC Community forums indicate that it's rolling out widely in the region. The update clocks in at 1.45GB, and appears to have a similar changelog to the U12+'s Pie update, though it has a different version number: 2.15.709.1.

HTC hasn't precisely stuck to its original schedule, but counting the botched U11 update, it has technically brought Pie to the phones it promised two months back. Hopefully, folks in more regions can enjoy the update soon.