Along with the announcement of the Inspire and Inspire HR, Fitbit said it was redesigning and simplifying its mobile app for Android and iOS. The new app was supposed to go into beta testing first, then be released toward the end of 2019. It seems that the first phase is now in motion, as a few users have reported getting the new Fitbit interface on Android.

The updated UI consolidates Fitbit's five bottom tabs into three: Discover, Today, and Community. Today is the new Dashboard; it's your central stats tab with access to steps, active minutes, heart rate and sleep data, as well as other trackable info such as water and calorie intake. It will also surface useful hints to keep you on the right path.

Discover becomes the place where you can understand more about some of your health stats such as sleep and heart rate, join and launch challenges, and start a workout (with Fitbit Coach). And the Community tab remains unchanged with your feed, friends, and groups all accessible through it.

The only thing you may find missing are notifications, but they're still accessible through the inbox button at the top right of the Today tab. Your profile and devices move to the top left.

There doesn't seem to be anything groundbreakingly different about the new interface, which leaves me disappointed. I'd like to see better month over month, and week over week stats, for example, and more clearly actionable tips, among others.

The new interface doesn't seem to be linked to any particular version of the Fitbit app — we've seen it pop up in both v2.95 (APK Mirror) and 3.0 (APK Mirror), but it's triggered server-side. Despite being on the latest v3.0, I don't have it on any of my devices, so all I can do is wait until it rolls out to me.

Developer: Fitbit, Inc.
Price: Free+
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  • Joshua Baird