With the next Android Q beta expected to be a release candidate, we've probably seen most of the upcoming features from Google's next big update. Even if you aren't adventurous enough to jump into the Beta Program yourself, you've probably seen some of our coverage on the subject — and if not, a full recap is here. We still have two more releases to look forward to, but so far, what's your favorite feature in Android Q?

Among the headlining user-facing changes are a system-wide dark theme, basic color and icon customization options, a revamped gesture navigation system, a new bubble notification system, and support for modular updates via the Play Store for system components. Less noticeable but still significant privacy and developer-targeted tweaks include a whole pile of permission and API changes meant to better protect consumers.

There are a lot of new features in Android Q, but there's a good chance that a specific one has you more excited than the others. My personal favorite so far would have to be Project Mainline since it could eventually help solve Android's biggest problem as a platform: updates. (Fixing the cloud backup icon's arrow direction is a close second, though.)

When a subject is very complex or has a lot of potential answers, the limitations of a poll just can't cut it, and Android Q has way too many individual changes to force you to choose from a small list. Avail yourself of the comments section in its place — refreshing your memory, if need be, via our Android Q feature roundup — and your regularly scheduled poll will return again next week.