Happy 4th of July weekend to all of you US citizens out there! Californian accessory manufacturer Satechi is getting in on the celebrations and offering a limited-time deal throughout the weekend on all of its products, allowing you to save 15-20% depending on your total spending.

Satechi is known for its stylish and capable hardware. It sells a wide range of peripherals, including power accessories like the dual USB-C PD travel charger and the aluminum Qi wireless charger. You'll also find a wide range of keyboards, mice, headphones, adapters, and much more on the site.

To get in on the discounts, head to Satechi's store and put whatever you want in your cart. If it totals less than $100, you can use the code JULY 15 to get 15% off. And should you buy products that add up to more than $100, you can save 20% by using JULY 20The codes are good through Sunday, July 7, so you've got a couple of days to make use of them.