The Home Max is Google's biggest smart speaker offering, and it debuted in late 2017 for a princely $399. Unsurprisingly, prices have since fallen. Right now you can pick a Home Max up for just $209, a little over half of its original MSRP, from Beach Camera via Rakuten with a promo code.

As most of you know by now, the Home Max is basically a Home on steroids. It offers better sound quality and more volume, and it can even recognize your voice while the tunes blast away. We saw a deal for a Home Max-Home Mini bundle for $234 last month, but for those of you who have no need for a Home Mini (or just missed out on the deal), this is a great alternative.

$209 is the lowest price we've seen for a Home Max thus far, and it's a great deal for such a large speaker with Assistant built right in. Be sure to enter code HOME20 at checkout. As with all Rakuten promo codes, you do have to be a member to apply this, but signing up is free and easy.