If you've opened this article, odds are you're already familiar with the name Francisco Franco and his different apps, but most importantly his famous FrancoKernel, which gives you extensive control over your device. We're talking about battery improvements, processor management, granular control over your display, and more. The app that lets you easily download the kernel for your device and manage all its settings is now free worldwide, down from $3.49.

Francisco announced the sale on Twitter, saying it's been eight years since he started developing his first app, so he's making FK Kernel Manager free for 48 hours to celebrate that. 12 hours have already elapsed at the time of writing, so you have about 36 left to head over to the Play Store and grab it without shelling any pennies.

FK Kernel Manager works with other kernels too, not just Franco's, and supports all devices. It requires root though for most of the features to work, so keep that in mind if you were hoping you could transform your 5-year-old phone into a superphone from the future without any effort.