Google Nest Hubs just keep getting cheaper, and cheaper, and cheaper. If you happen to need two of them, you can now get a two-pack of Nest Hubs from Rakuten for just $118.99. That's $41 off the current price of buying two on their own from the Google Store, at the current price of $79 each.

The Nest Hub is a Google Assistant smart display, meaning it can do everything an Assistant smart speaker can do, plus a few extra tricks. It play YouTube videos, stream music, walk you through cooking recipes, play news briefings, control smart home devices, call people on Duo (though there's no camera for video calls), and a lot more.

The pack is from Rakuten seller 'Altatac,' which has a rating of 4.5/5 stars out of 17,000+ reviews. To get the discount, add one of the bundles to your cart and enter code SAVE15 at checkout.