Google likes to mark occasions with search Easter eggs (like the Thanos gag for the release of Avengers: Endgame a couple months back) and doodles, and for the Fourth of July this year, it's done both. Searching "fireworks" will fill your screen with a light show, and a baseball-themed Google doodle leads to a fun minigame.

As hinted at in a tweet, virtual fireworks splash across your screen when you search for "fireworks" on desktop or mobile (a search for "Fourth of July" will cause the same). That's neat and all, but the doodle game is markedly more interesting. You play the part of various foods at bat against a defending team of peanuts. It's cute, and more fun than these things usually are.


Any time you connect with the ball, you'll get a hit — a single, double, or home run, depending on your timing. The color of the pitcher's hat gives away what type of pitch is coming (watch out for red). You get three strikes before game over, when you're presented with a "trading card" of one of nine players, all of which have punny names.

Enjoy the holiday tomorrow, fellow Americans. Eat something grilled.