According to a report published yesterday by Bloomberg, Samsung's redesign of the Galaxy Fold has been completed. This follows a recent interview with Samsung CEO DJ Koh, in which he asked for "a bit more time." No release date is set, but according to Bloomberg, it may arrive by the upcoming holiday season.

Bloomberg's sources ("people familiar with the matter") state that the redesign mostly dealt with ensuring the protective film layered on top of the folding display can't be easily removed. Some reviewers, such as MKBHD, understandably confused the protective layer for a screen protector and removing that film damaged the folding display.

The hinge has also reportedly been re-engineered, among other reasons to help stretch that film more tightly, which could also help prevent a crease from forming in the display over time. It isn't clear if  Samsung has also mitigated the gap around the hinge that was previously present and which could potentially allow dust and debris beneath the display, which previously caused damage in some cases.

Components for the redesigned phone will soon begin shipping to the company's main plant in Vietnam for assembly, and it won't be completed in time for the upcoming Note10 Unpacked event.

A precise date for the re-launch has not reportedly yet been set, though it should be available by the holiday season. A window like that leaves quite a potential delay and could explain CEO Koh's pleas for additional time.