Every few months or so, Facebook's servers seemingly decide to take a nap. This time around, the core services themselves (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp) are still up, but people around the world are complaining about images and other media not being able to load.

It seems that any image or video on Facebook from more than four hours ago won't display. Some do end up showing up after clicking on them, but that doesn't seem to be true for all. The same timeframe is affecting Instagram posts and stories, with images refusing to load past a blurry preview or simply reading, "Couldn't load image. Tap to retry." WhatsApp users are also experiencing the same blurry previews, with media content and voice notes unable to download. Facebook Messenger is also affected for some.

Facebook's developer site shows that the issue is being worked on as of five hours ago and says that a fix "will go out shortly." Those devs had better hurry; with people around the globe affected, there must be millions of memes (and maybe some more important photos) that people are unable to see.

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