Google's Pixels don't precisely come with "stock" software, the company bundles in some Pixel-specific tweaks. Among those additions are the Pixel Launcher, which is most recognizable these days by its iconic "At a Glance" widget up at the top. Many third-party home screen replacements aim to mimic the clean design of the Pixel Launcher with their own version of that widget, and Lawnchair launcher just expanded the widget's functionality to work with a whole pile of new providers, with more on the way.

Unread Gmail messages (visible at the top in the At a Glance widget) are just the start. Previously the only event source was the Google app.

The feature manifests as you can hopefully see above, with the At a Glance widget included in the Lawnchair launcher featuring some new, decidedly un-Googly functionality. That "6 new messages" bit isn't available on a Pixel unless it's running Lawnchair.

Lawnchair's long-awaited v2 release is still likely far out on the horizon, but recent alpha releases have included expanded support for more "events sources" for the At a Glance widget —which is a fancy way of saying that when properly configured, the widget can show extra content beyond what Google's version can. That includes things like info about currently playing tracks, charging state, and unread emails, as pictured above and below.

Preeeeetty snazzy. 

We reached out to Till Kottmann, developer and social media manager for Lawnchair, for more details about the changes in the Lawnchair v2 alpha. These new features for the At a Glance widget were only added in the last two days, and more are planned soon. Upcoming event sources/providers include calendar events without the Google app and a weather alert provider. That's a whole lot more functionality added on top of Google's existing calendar events, flight info, traffic alerts, reminders, and tips.

This is all, of course, on top of Lawnchair's basic functionality (check out the old v1 here), which includes most of what you'd expect in a Pixel-style launcher, including the convenience of Google Discover's feed accessible just to the left.

If you'd like to check out the expanded widget functionality for yourself, feel free to pull down the latest release over on APK Mirror — I'm not directly linking a specific version since there have been four releases in the last two days, so updates could land at any time.