At a starting price of just shy of a grand, nobody is calling the Pixelbook affordable. But if you've been eyeing a Pixelbook and have just been waiting for prices to fall, now might be your chance to grab one on the cheap. Fry's is currently offering the 128GB Pixelbook for just $599.

This is the base model, meaning that you get a 7th-gen Core i5, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. Like all Pixelbooks, it has a 12.3" 1600p touchscreen, 10-hour battery life, and a backlit keyboard. If you don't do much intensive work on your laptop, the Pixelbook is an excellent choice in terms of design and longevity. The last time we saw the Pixelbook for this cheap was back in January for a refurb, so this is quite good.

Fry's is primarily a West Coast-based retailer — you can check here to see a list of their locations. The laptop seems to be sold out online, but as of publishing time, a handful of locations still have stock. We anticipate that remaining stock going quickly, but if there are none near you, some Slickdeals users have had luck with price-matching from Best Buy. In any case, be sure to act quickly.