Google's quirky side rarely shows up these days, but we're always reminded of the company's more fun and personable nature when we come across an Easter egg in its apps and services. The latest to be pointed out to us is in the YouTube app on Android TV and it's a cute corgi that trots along the seek bar, similar to the one we saw in Hangouts a couple of years ago.

To get the doggie, you need to go up to the seek bar while playing a video, press the left button to go back, then keep it continuously pressed for about 10-15 seconds after it reaches the beginning of the video. The smiling dog shows up on the left and happily walks across the seek bar till he/she reaches the right side.

We were able to replicate the corgi Easter egg on the YouTube app for Android TV, but since it uses the same underlying web service as YouTube apps for other TV platforms, you may be able to get it on everything from Xbox and PlayStation to Apple TV and different brands of smart TVs.

YouTube for Android TV
YouTube for Android TV
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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