Commuting is hell. Carpooling can make it better, whether you do it for the environmental impact, the gas money, or some other reason. And while it's been easier than ever to get a pool together with the Waze Carpool app, it could be better at getting drivers and riders together. So, upon much user feedback, Waze has decided to update the app with a fresh new design and making things clearer for everyone.

Most of the changes are visual, highlighting the "timeline" nature of the new Calendar screen. Drivers One new thing is that drivers and riders searching for cohorts for their journey can see them sorted by groups based on recent activity or how likely they are to respond. Each person can also mass-invite these whole groups. Once a driver confirms with a rider, all of the rider's other requests are automatically canceled, and the ride gets plopped into the calendar timeline. Similarly, if a vehicle is filled, that driver's standing invitations are void.

Drivers can see the new interface in the Waze app while riders can update the Waze Carpool app. Click either of the above hyperlinks to get over to APK Mirror pages for each respective app or head to the Play Store with the boxes below.