About an hour ago, OnePlus 7 Pro users got pinged with two weird notifications on their devices, emanating from OnePlus's own Push service. One of them had a string of gibberish latin consonants and the other what appears to be Korean or Chinese characters. Users were obviously confused and thought this was spam or the servers were hacked, but OnePlus has just cleared things up saying it was an error originating from a test.

According to the company, this happened during an internal test and the notifications were sent out globally to some OnePlus 7 Pro owners. If you were awake, you were probably surprised by the mysterious message — some users found it funny, others thought it was spam, and a few were alarmed that their phones or OnePlus' servers might have been hacked. If you were asleep, I hope you had your phone on DND, because I definitely don't want to be awakened in the middle of the night by an "hbgchjvgchjg" message. Sentient technology is the stuff of nightmares, and my doozy state might lead to panic for a few seconds at the sight of that message.

But all's well now. OnePlus says it's investigating the error and will share more information as soon as it's identified the reason this happened. Hopefully the company puts an "are you sure you want to send this to thousands of people worldwide?" double check in its testing system.

OnePlus has issued an official statement saying that the error occurred while testing software for the upcoming Android Q update. It also assured users that the notifications doesn't indicate any risks for personal data and that it's implementing processes to make sure this mistake doesn't occur again.

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