Hey! Welcome to July. As you fantasize about your upcoming four-day weekend (do people have those? For the holiday?), check out some discount tech. We've got a very good deal on Eufy's new video doorbell, plus smart light switches, and a pair of seriously cheap wireless chargers.

Eufy Video Doorbell: $120 ($40 off)

  • Eufy Video Doorbell — $119.99, $40 off (Amazon)

Doorbell security cameras make a lot of sense: they don't feel intrusive like indoor cameras sometimes can, and they've always got eyes on the main entrance to your home. Eufy released an already-relatively-affordable option last month for about $160, with local storage options and no nagging monthly fees. And right now, you can get it for even less: it's currently $119.99 on Amazon. It was a few bucks less a couple weeks back, but this is still a great price.

TP-Link Wi-Fi light switch two-pack: $56 ($24 off)

  • TP-Link HS220 Wi-Fi light switch two-pack — $55.98, $24 off (Newegg)

Wi-Fi connected light switches are a good way to retrofit your existing lighting with smart capabilities. These ones from TP-Link feature the usual smart features — scheduling and remote control — plus dimming for compatible light bulbs. You can snag a pair at Newegg for about $28 apiece.

Refurbished Anker wireless charging pad: $12 ($10 off)

  • Refurbished Anker wireless charging pad – $11.99, $10 off (Newegg)

This refurb wireless charging pad from Anker isn't particularly fast; it tops out at five watts. Still, depending on your usage, that could be appealing to you. If you're going to drop your phone on the thing for eight hours, there's no need to rush. It's also low-profile and very inexpensive at just $11.99. It doesn't include an AC adapter, though — you'll have to supply your own.

Choetech wireless charging stand: $12 ($12 off)

  • Choetech Qi wireless charging stand — $11.99 with coupon, $8 off (Amazon)

This Choetech model, on the other hand, can charge at up to twice the speed of the above Anker one for the same price. It's a bit more conspicuous with its wide charging indicator and upright form factor, but if you're shooting for function over form, this could be the play for you. Enter coupon code ZAPYTMD8 at checkout to get your discount.