In business environments, it's pretty common for employees to have to get a higher-up's approval on documents. Google Drive never offered a legitimate way to keep track of who's approved what, but that's changing starting today. G Suite users can now join a beta that will allow them to request and review Docs, Sheets, and Slides approvals.

Basically, Google is offering an easy, built-in way to prove that your document's been reviewed by a certain person (or people). The beta allows you to both request document approvals and review said approvals, as well as specify a due date when requesting an approval.

If only one reviewer is designated, the file is obviously approved or rejected based on that reviewer's decision, but in the case of multiple reviewers, things are different. For the file to be approved, all reviewers must have chosen to approve it, but it will be rejected if any reviewer rejects it. Bear in mind that you can't modify the document once you've sent it off for review; the review request will be cancelled if you do.

You can join the beta here.