When the big Nest rebranding hit Google, products like the Home Hub saw their names changed to the Google Nest Hub, confusingly differentiating them as separate from the "Home" series smart speakers that they have more in common with than any "Nest" branded hardware. Initially, it seemed like all of Google's "Home" branded stuff would be changed to "Google Nest," but Google later confirmed to us that its speakers would not follow this change. Apparently, no one told the @madebygoogle Twitter account that.

The offending tweet on mobile (above) and desktop (further below).

In a Tweet that Google has already taken down, the company referred to its biggest, most expensive, most powerful Assistant-powered smart speaker as the "Nest Home Max," although it is actually called the Google Home Max. Thankfully, the internet never forgets.

Yes, Phil S. 'What is a Nest Home Max' indeed. 

It might be a minor (if hilarious) point, but mistakes like these make a clear statement: If Google's social media managers can't even follow the company's schizophrenic branding when it comes to Nest/Home smart speakers/displays when it's their literal job, how are consumers expected to?