Earlier this week it the FCC agreed to allow Verizon to start locking the phones it sells for 60 days following activation. As you should expect, this will only affect phones purchased from the carrier, those that bring their own phones won't be affected, and that got us to thinking: Where do our readers get their phones? In North America, carrier subsidized phones are still very much a thing, though some other markets we know of prefer outright/unlocked purchases. So how did you get your current phone?

Phones sold through carriers usually come with strings attached like additional monthly payments or carefully prescribed upgrades happening at specific intervals. Paired with promotions, some of those payment plan purchases can save quite a bit of cash, though, compared to buying outright or unlocked.

There are perks that come from both sides, though. Globetrotters and frequent SIM-swappers need the benefits of an unlocked device, which is usually purchased either outright or via a third-party's financing options. And further, not everyone bought their current phone new. Used deals are out there, and they can sometimes be the very best way to get a good device on the cheap.

There are plenty of ways to get a phone, from carriers to direct retailers to Craigslist or eBay, so how did yours get into your pocket?

How did you buy your current phone?

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