Google changed several policies for the Play Store a month ago, and among them was a new ban on apps selling or facilitating the sale of marijuana. While applications that promote the use of weed is still allowed, the actual sale can't happen inside the app. 'Eaze,' one of the more popular marijuana delivery apps, has now been updated to comply with the new policy.

When you attempt to buy anything through the app, you are now directed to the company's website to make the actual purchase. In other words, the app is now little more than a product gallery.

Eaze's Play Store review score hasn't taken a hit yet, as it's still sitting at the 4.2/5 stars rating that it had before the update started to roll out. Perhaps the explanation about the change in Google's policies will keep too many people from bombing the Play Store page with 1-star reviews.

If you want to keep the previous functionality, download version 2.1.8 from APKMirror and disable automatic updates from the Play Store.

Price: Free