Battery level readings for connected Bluetooth devices are something that many of us Android users wanted for a long time, and we finally got it with Android 8.1 Oreo back in 2017. Nearly two years later, the same feature is now hitting Chrome OS with a flag that those in Canary can enable.

The flag in question is chrome://flags/#show-bluetooth-device-battery. If your Chrome OS device is on Canary, entering that in your URL bar, enabling the flag, and rebooting should cause the battery levels of supported Bluetooth devices to show up in both the system tray and settings interface. Chrome Story wasn't able to see the battery indicator on their Anker headphones after enabling the flag, though this could just be because those particular headphones aren't supported.

Remember: you have to be in the Canary developer channel to enable the flag. Those of you in Beta or even the stable channel will have to wait a bit longer.