Just a few months ago, any discount on the then-new Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones was a rare appearance. However, these highly rated active noise-cancelling cans have been dropping price lately, and they're now available for just $237.96 from Rakuten after a promo code.

Though it's several months old now, the 1000XM3 is still an extremely competitive offering in this space. It combines class-leading noise cancellation with excellent sound quality. Plus, it's comfortable and has a long battery life. Recharging is done via USB Type-C, which I'm sure many of you are happy about.

Rakuten has been responsible for a majority of 1000XM3 deals, and that trend doesn't seem poised to stop anytime soon. It's listed at $279.95, but code PRO15P drops the price by 15% to $237.96. You do have to be a Rakuten member, but that's free and easy to do. Both the black and silver (it's more of a pale gold) models are available. Shipping is free.