As Google has culled its consumer-facing messaging options to focus on primarily Messages, it's unsurprising that the app has continued to pick up new features. Some, like RCS support, are pretty universally useful. Others are more for fun — like these in-development Snapchat-style video filters XDA Developers has uncovered.

In the feature's current implementation, a "Filters" option appears in the Messages app's camera viewfinder next to the ones for photos and video. There are effects that add fireworks and balloons to your videos, among others. You can see them in action in this video from XDA:

The effects can get fairly complex, with three-dimensional elements like angel wings and balloons realistically appearing behind your body.

We have no idea when this feature is set to arrive to the public, but with any luck, you'll be texting all your friends videos of yourself in a cartoon airplane in no time.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free