Despite WhatsApp's near-ubiquity in my region, its Status feature has failed to gain much traction even though it's been available for over two years. Some of my friends love it and post multiple updates per day, but they're a clear minority. Yet, WhatsApp seems to think there's hidden potential in statuses and has already announced that ads would be coming to it in 2020. Another feature now rolling out in beta is the ability to share a status to other apps, most notably Facebook.

A month ago, WABetaInfo found the feature in hiding, but it wasn't live yet. Now, The Verge is saying it's already live for beta users, but we couldn't see it on multiple devices despite running the latest 2.19.184 (APK Mirror). Perhaps it's rolling out via a server-side change, or a new version is needed to trigger it.

When it's live, you'll see the option to share right below your status. You can send it to your Facebook Story, Instagram, but also Google Photos, Gmail, and more apps. WhatsApp has implemented a regular Share intent for the status, so you should be able to send the image or video to any app that can receive them.

According to The Verge, who spoke with WhatsApp about it, the company isn't linking your two accounts with this process, and those of us familiar with how sharing works on Android understand this. It happens locally between apps, so it's the same thing as if you shared a photo from Chrome to Facebook — the two don't know a thing about each other. However, with all the privacy shade surrounding Facebook now, and knowing that the company is working on a unified backend for Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, it's justifiable to raise an eyebrow and double check. Thus it's good to see Facebook confirming that the two posts will be separate instances in its systems and won't be linked together.

But frankly speaking, if you're sharing everything you do over WhatsApp statuses and/or Facebook stories, you have more privacy things to worry about than the two apps linking your accounts between them.