Bundles are a good way to get a markdown on two complementary products, and sometimes the bundle gets marked down so much it's actually cheaper to buy than just one of its components. This may only happen rarely but it results in some mouth-watering deals — like today's smart garage bundle, where the Amazon Cloud Cam Key Edition ($120 value) and myQ Smart Garage Door Opener ($50 value) can be had for just a hundred bucks, a cool $70 off.

The Amazon Cloud Cam has everything one would expect in a smart security camera like motion detection, two-way audio, and cloud storage of footage — similar to a Nest Cam or Kasa Cam. Since this is the Key Edition of the Cloud Cam (which costs an extra $20) it works with Amazon Key to allow you to schedule and monitor in-home delivery (or in-garage delivery of packages when paired with the smart garage opener). Ryan reviewed the camera last year and found it to perform well, especially if you use Alexa-powered devices in your home.

Coming to the other product in the bundle, the myQ Smart Garage Door Opener. This hub allows you to transform most garage doors made since the early '90s into remotely controllable smart devices. You can also set it to receive alerts when the garage door is opened, invite guests to control your door temporarily, and allow remote deliveries with Amazon Key. Originally launched at $80, this can usually be had for $45-50 nowadays.

If you pick up this $99.99 bundle, you can receive packages in the garage with the myQ hub and use the Cloud Cam to monitor the delivery — it may not be as much fun as glitter-bombing package thieves, but it's a more predictable option.