Waze is slowly but sustainably turning into a hub for everything related to your car journey. You can control playback from your preferred music apps right inside the navigation interface, and about a year ago, Waze was integrated into Android Auto. Wednesday, Waze and SpotHero announced a cooperation that allows SpotHero users to use Waze to navigate to their pre-booked parking lots with one tap.

SpotHero is a service that helps US Americans and Canadians search for, compare, and book parking spots before starting their journey, ranging from lots at airports to monthly parking subscriptions and downtown garages. The new integration is live in the SpotHero Android app as a button that allows you to hand over the location of your reserved spot to Waze. In the navigation app, users can access their parking bookings once they reach their destination.

If the current integration proves to be successful, the companies are also considering to add a button right inside of Waze that leads SpotHero customers to their destination.

Now, I know this isn't a solution for every occasion, but consider this if the service is not available in your location: If you're visiting a highly congested place, you could also either leave your car at home or park further away and continue your journey with public transportation, if sufficiently available.

SpotHero - Find Parking
SpotHero - Find Parking
Developer: SpotHero
Price: Free

Image credit: Matt Alaniz on Unsplash